Drilling Technology For New Engineers

Drilling Technology For New Engineers

Date: 26-29 February -2024 | Location: London

Course Duration: 4 Days 

Designed for: Drilling personnel who wish to enhance their understanding of the drilling process. This course is designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of procedures used to drill a well and problems that can be encountered.

Course Objectives:

By completing this course, the trainee will have a better understanding of the drilling equipment and its operation through mini version of CPS Virtual Drilling Simulator.

Our instructor will provide complete description for the drill site equipment and rig components including: Drilling Rig Structure, Hoisting System, Top Drive Operation, Stand Pipe Handling, Mud System, Mud Pumps, Well Control Equipment Operation and nearly every essential piece of equipment used in the drilling operation.

Be able to interact with drillers and drilling companies knowing you have the basic fundamental knowledge of the drilling processes.

Course Content:

    • History and source of petroleum
    • Systems of a drilling rig, their purpose and use
    • Well planning overview
    • The principles of the drilling process, fishing, and casing and cementing
    • Principles of directional drilling
    • Principles of well control and blow out prevention
    • How established drilling practices interface with modern tools and technology

Course Outline:

Introduction To Oil And Gas Industry

        • The Geological Structures
        • Exploration phase
        • Appraisal phase
        • Development phase
        • Production phase

Types Of Drilling Rigs

        • Land Rig
        • Fixed Platforms
        • Tension Leg Platforms
        • Semi-Submersible Rigs
        • Jack up Drilling Rigs
        • Drill Ships and Barges

Rig Equipment

        • Hosting system
        • Rotating system
        • Circulating system
        • Power system
        • Blow out preventions system

Drilling Problems And Prevention

        • Lost circulation
        • Stuck pipe
        • Well control
        • Formation damage
        • Shale problems
        • Fishing operations

Well Completion

        • Type of well completions
        • Well completion component
        • What is new in drilling technology