Basic Drilling Technology For Non-Drilling People

Basic Drilling Technology For Non-Drilling People

Date: TBA | Location: TBA

Course Duration: 4 Days

Who Should Attend:

This course is suitable for engineers new to the oil industry or want to improve their drilling knowledge. This includes; Drilling Engineers, Drilling Supervisors, Toolpushers, Completion Engineers, Geologists, Reservoir Engineers, Asset Team Members and Project Management Members wishing to understand the basic processes involved in the drilling of oil and gas wells. 

Instructors: Entrac Petroleum Accredited Instructors

Accreditation Certificates: IADC Approved Certificate in Stuckpipe and Hole Problems (Valid for 4 years)

EPL Drilling Certificate


To provide engineers with a sound understanding of drilling equipment and the drilling process.

Course Content:

    • Basic Petroleum Geology:  Rocks and Reservoirs
    • Rig Components: drawworks, pumps, BOPs, rig floor equipment
    • Hoisting Operations
    • Drillstring components: Drillpipe, HWDP, Drillcollars, Mud Motors, RSS
    • Drilling Muds: Chemistry and formulation
    • Fracture Gradient and Casing Seat Selection
    • Basic Casing Design Calculations
    • Cementing: Chemistry and volume calculations.
    • Directional and Straight Hole Drilling
    • Hydraulics
    • Drilling Bits (Three cone and PDC) and How to Select Them
    • Hole Problems
    • Ton Miles
    • Understanding Drilling Reports
    • Drilling Examples