Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Horizontal and Multi-Lateral Technology

Our personnel have over twenty years experience in the area known as “Smart Wells”. Smart or designer wells include long reach wells, horizontal wells and multi lateral wells. 

We will evaluate your reservoir, determine its suitability for drilling smart wells and develop plans for the entire field development. 

Horizontal and multilateral wells require detailed attention to every aspect of the drilling and completion process, as this will eventually affect the productivity of the well. Entrac can evaluate the compatibility of the proposed mud systems with the reservoir characteristics for optimum production and minimum intervention in the future.



Preparation of Well Programmes

In view of the huge cost of drilling operations, Entrac considers that every well should be designed and executed as if it was the first well in the area. The work begins with initial studies of offset wells in the area and suggestion for well optimisation. A total package showing detailed calculations and selection criteria will be prepared covering every area of the drilling process together with costings and contingencies. The package includes casing design, mud, cement, borehole stability, well control, drillstring, hydraulics, BOPs, surveying, bit selection, well completion and well testing.


Well Design Services

We can design your well electronically and remotely from your office. All that is required is your input data. No need to mobilise consultants at your offices or purchase expensive software that will only be used once or twice. We will do all that is necessary to produce a well design that complies with statutory requirements anywhere in the world.


Casing Design

We can design all types of wells, vertical, inclined, horizontal, multilateral, onshore and offshore. We produce uniaxial designs (burst, collapse and tension), service loads design, API load lines design and a full triaxial design using Von Mises. Design factors will be produced based on either your requirements or the industry recommended values in your area.

High pressure/high temperature wells, deep wells, wells across creeping salts can all be designed using our propriety software.

We will also calculate the number of centralisers required and recommend which type to use.

More importantly, our field experience will enable us to write a drilling programme showing how the casing should be run; equipment required and recommended casing running speeds.


Directional Well Planning

We can produce any type of well profile; decide kick off points, direction of multilateral wells. In particular we have the software to design horizontal wells, determine the landing angle (above or below 90 degrees) depending on the reservoir dip.

Input data can be as little as surface location and target coordinates to more complex details such as multiple targets, designer wells, collision avoidance etc.

More importantly, our field experience will enable us to write a drilling programme showing how the well should be drilled and which equipment to select, e.g. rotary steerable systems or just steerable systems.


Drillstring Design

Drillstring grades and weights will be determined including safety factors and MOPS. Length, weight and size of recommended drillcollars for each hole section will be provided.


Well Hydraulics

Full well hydraulics will be calculated for each hole section including nozzle sizes and pump liner sizes.



Detailed cement calculations can be carried out for the entire well including recommended volumes of cement and water, pressures during the cementing operation, bumping operations, additives etc. A detailed cementing programme including pressure testing casing, details of required casing accessories will be provided. We will also calculate the number of centralisers required and recommend which type to use.


Wellbore Stability Services

If you are drilling deep wells, horizontal wells, multilateral wells or wells with potential loss circulation problems we can help you. We can calculate safe mud weights for any hole angle and set of drilling conditions.  Drillbits Selection, AFE (well costing), Rig Selection, Pore Pressure interpretation services are also available.