IWCF Well Control (Surface BOP stack) Levels 2, 3 & 4

4-10th May 2024

Course Duration: 5 Days

IWCF  Syllabus is same as  IADC WellSharp Syllabus 

Main Course Objectives

This training  course is designed for people engaged  in critical well control operations on drilling installations. The candidates will complete an IWCF accredited training course, taught according to an approved and  accredited IWCF syllabus.


At  the  end  of  the  course, candidates who pass the exam will be awarded IWCF certificates issued from IWCF organisation based in the UK.

Program Levels

Levels Three & Four : Simulator is required
Level 2:  No simulator 

Course Outcome

      • Determine if well control equipment is fit for purpose.
      • Identify barrier systems and barrier  envelopes and methods of testing.
      • Understand well control methods relating to well control operations.
      • Learn to prepare a well kill plan and  apply and implement well control methods.
      • Identify various well control problems and their  solutions.
      • The principles and procedures of well control for surface BOP operations.
      • To provide the knowledge, understanding and practical skills necessary to apply safe well control practices in Surface Installations.
      • Understand and calculate hydrostatic pressure.
      • Explain the difference between normal and abnormal pressure.
      • Explain the causes of kicks.
      • Recognize kick warning signals.
      • Learn the correct procedure to shut in the well.
      • Recognize surface indications  of  gas  migrations.
      • Learn to how  to  complete trip and kill sheets.
      • Explain the functions and main types of BOP equipment.
      • Identify the correct equipment for the purpose.
      • Recognize the limitations of given BOP configurations.
      • Explain the correct procedures for testing BOP equipment.
      • Demonstrate an understanding of how BOP control systems operate.
      • Demonstrate the ability to recognize whether a BOP function has functioned correctly.
      • Understand  the  principles of well barriers.
      • Well control simulator familiarisation and IWCF practical assessment at Supervisor Level.

Course Delivery

The course is delivered through lectures and detailed  class-based  exercise and supported by self-study exercises and group discussions. The course concludes with a  practical  examination for  levels 3 and 4 and two closed-book examinations. 

Validation Periods

IWCF certificates are valid for 2 years.


      • A pass mark of  70% is  required in each section of the examination.