Well Operations

Well Operations

Date: 21-25th October 2024  | Location: Dubai

Course Duration: 1 Week


This is a well operations course describing the various drilling operation processes and their trouble shooting. The course offers operations from spud to start of well completion. This is an intensive course and there be continuous exercises and tests.


On completion of this course, participants will be able to plan and design several drilling processes including troubleshooting hole problems and fishing operations. Participants will also be able to write drilling programs.

Course Content

Drilling Operations

    • Preparation of drilling programs (DOP)
    • Well construction stages
    • Drilling operations: WOB and RPM, drill off tests
    • Drill bit selection optimisation
    • Field Leak off test- Essential knowledge
    • Floating/ Large casing
    • Salt problems

Drillstring Design

    • Drillstring and BHA
    • Drill pipe, drillcollars, grades of drill pipe and strength properties
    • Tool joint & Thread types
    • Calculations of approximate weight of drill pipe and tool joint
    • Drill collar weight and neutral point
    • Bending strength ratio
    • Margin of over-pull
    • Slip crushing
    • Pressure-area method
    • Jars
    • Shock subs
    • Reamers and stabilizers

Hydraulics Optimisation

    • Hole Cleaning
    • Optimum flow rate
    • Optimum nozzle sizes
    • Hydraulic Optimisation Criteria:
    • Maximum Horse Power or Impact Force

Hole Problems

    • Lost circulation: causes and diagnosis and cure.
    • Stuck Pipe Diagnosis
    • Differential sticking mechanisms
    • Freeing differentially stuck pipe
    • Pipe freeing agents
    • Reduction of mud hydrostatic pressure
    • Dealing with kicks while freeing stuck pipe
    • The U-tube method
    • Mechanically stuck pipe mechanisms
    • Shale problems (brittle, reactive and hard shales)
    • Settled cuttings
    • Ledges and doglegs, Key seating, Fractured formations
    • Decision trees: Which pipe sticking mechanism is in my hole?

Fishing Operations

    • Back Off Operations
    • Free point indicator
    • Explosive charges
    • Torque calculations
    • Planning Fishing operations
    • Fishing & Milling Tools
    • Fishing economics
    • When to give up

Inflow Testing

    • Why carryout inflow testing
    • Inflow Testing Assembly
    • How to correctly conduct a negative flow test


    • What is CBL?
    • What is VDL?
    • Free pipe response
    • Cemented pipe response
    • Micro-annulus
    • How to read CBL/VDL log?
    • Examples

Remedial Cementing

    • Cement Chemistry
    • Stages of Cement Setting
    • Flash Setting
    • Cement Plugs
    • Job Procedure - Balanced Plug
    • Slurry volume calculations
    • Dump bailer method
    • Squeeze cementing
    • Bridge plugs
    • Cement retainers

Gas Migration Problems

    • Reasons for as migration
    • Mechanics of gas migrations
    • Effects of gel Strength
    • Annulus pressures: origin and management
    • Calculations of trapped annulus pressures resulting from heating effects

Casing Landing Operations

    • Calculations of buoyant casing weight
    • Temperature effects
    • Cementing forces
    • Landing casing as-cemented

Advanced Casing Problems

    • Casing buckling mechanics
    • Casing wear