Wellhead & Xmas Trees Course

Wellhead & Xmas Trees Course

Date: TBA | Location: TBA

Course duration: 4 Days


This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of well construction, wellhead and xmas tree construction and wellhead maintenance, wellhead and xmas tree valves and basic well construction and well intervention methods.

By completing this course, the trainee will have a better understanding of the drilling equipment and its operation, wellhead equipment and xmas tree components and operation.


Course objectives

The Drilling Process:

    • Formation of Oil
    • Well Design
    • Major Rig Components
    • Rig Components
    • Well construction
    • Conductor Pipe
    • Surface Pipe
    • Intermediate casing
    • Production casing and liners
    • Video Mud Circulation
    • Video Hoisting Equipment

Wellhead Design:

    • Functions and ratings of wellhead
    • Casing head housing: design and outlets
    • Base Plate
    • Casing spools: design and outlets
    • Wellhead & Equipment Installation
    • Casing Hangers
    • Drilling Intermediate Hole and Run Casing
    • Casing Spool Construction
    • Wellhead forces

Casing landing:

    • Tubing Head Spool
    • Seals: Primary seals & Secondary seals

Testing seals

    • Tubing Hangers: design and sealing elements

Production Tubing

    • Tubing Bonnet

Back Pressure Valves

    • Xmas Trees & Valves
    • Types of Xmas trees

Components of Xmas tree

    • SPL and Pressure & Temperature ratings

Xmas Trees Selection

    • Flanges and Gaskets
    • Flange sealing

API Flanges and Ring Gaskets

    • API Type 'R' Ring Gasket
    • Oval & Octagonal Ring Gaskets
    • Ring Gasket
    • Ring Gasket
    • Type of well completions
    • Well completion component
    • Barrier Theory
    • Barrier Types
    • Wellhead & Xmas tree as barriers
    • Barrier Envelopes
    • tubing operations through Xmas trees
    • Methods of killing a production well