Well Intervention Operations

Well Intervention Operations

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Course Duration: 5 Days


Wireline, Coiled Tubing, Completion Equipment & Operations

With Certification from IWCF or IADC 

Course Objectives

This unique five-day course is aimed at people who are in critical well control positions, workover and well intervention design operations requiring essential and advanced knowledge in wireline, coiled tubing and well control operations. 

The course is accredited by both IWCF and IADC and candidates will be accredited with an internationally accepted certificate after completing the course and passing the exam. The certificate is valid for two years.

The course is delivered through lectures supported by videos and animations, self-study exercises, and group discussions. The course concludes with examinations leading to the required certificate of competence in well intervention.

Teaching Manual

The course will be supplemented by a specially written book by Dr. Hussain Rabia (2019).  The book is given free of charge to candidates attending the course. The book is not available for sale to the public.

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course candidates should be able to:

    • Identify wireline equipment, their functions and selection.
    • Identify coiled tubing equipment their functions, selection and operation.
    • Understand the function and selection of downhole completion and well control equipment.
    • Understand rig up operations and essential required surface equipment.
    • Learn about surface well control equipment specific to wireline and coiled tubing operations.
    • Understand how to deal with emergency operations and shutting in operations.
    • Understand well control methods relating to wireline and coiled tubing operations.
    • Identify completion types, completion equipment functions and types and industry practices.
    • Identify barrier systems, the terminology and how to rectify a faulty barrier.
    • Identify solutions to various well control problems
    • Determine if well control equipment is fit for purpose
    • Design a well kill plan for a production well and generate a kill graph.
    • Discuss production well kill problems and recommend appropriate solution

Course Components: Summary

Completion Well Control Equipment

    • Wellhead and Xmas tree components
    • Completion Equipment Accessories
    • Production tubing: Selection of size and grade, threads, make up torque and lubricants.
    • Effects of tension, burst and collapse on tubing selection.
    • Completion nipples, downhole safety valves, Side Sleeve Doors, Production Packers, Side Pocket mandrels, perforated and blast joints.
    • Tail pipe accessories and seal assembly selection.
    • Tubing movements.
    • Annulus Pressure Monitoring

Workover and Completion Operations

    • Introduction to Well Control
    • Introduction to Barriers
    • Risk Management
    • Causes of Unplanned Well Inflow
    • Circulating System
    • Well Integrity Testing
    • Influx Characteristics and Behaviour
    • Shut in Procedures
    • Well Control Methods
      • Kill Method Principles
      • Normal and Reverse Circulation
      • Bull heading
      • Lubricate & Blead
      • Perform Calculations
    • Design a well kill plan
    • Inflow Testing
    • Pressure Gauge Failure
    • Surface Failures
    • Hydrate Formation and Removal
    • Contingency Planning

Coiled Tubing Operations

    • Applications of Coiled Tubing equipment
    • Coiled Tubing Equipment:  CT Reel, Goose neck, injector, stripper, lubricator.
    • Flanges and Sealing Rings.
    • CT Well control Equipment
    • Rigging Up and Selection of Bottom Hole Assembly
    • Downhole check valves
    • Pressure Testing
    • Barrier Principles
    • Nitrogen lift and sand cleaning operations
    • Coiled Tubing Limitations: Fatigue and Stress Cycles
    • Contingency Procedures
    • Shut in Procedures

Wireline Operations

    • Applications of Wireline Operations: Slickline, Braided Line and Electric Line.
    • Wireline Surface Equipment.
    • Grease Control Head
    • Stuffing Box
    • Ball Check Valve
    • Rigging Up
    • Well control Equipment: Slick Line/Braided Line and Shear Seal BOPs
    • Pressure Testing
    • Barrier Principles and Barrier Envelope
    • Secondary Barriers:
      • QUAD BOP
      • TRIPLE BOP
      • “Combi” BOP
    • Tertiary Barrier:  SHEAR/SEAL BOP.
    • Drift runs
    • Managing Leaks and Malfunctions on Surface
    • Contingency Procedures 


Entrac Petroleum under the supervision of Dr Hussain Rabia provide world class instructors accredited by both IWCF and IADC.  The instructors are trained by Dr. Rabia and they continuously attend all types of well engineering and well construction courses taught by Dr. Hussain Rabia.   A unique feature of our accredited courses is that all those who fail the exam first time, they can attend the second exam free of charge.   No other company offer this type of service.

Entrac Petroleum has now run over 100 courses in Iraq in Erbil, Basra and Baghdad.

IWCF / IADC Exam with an internationally accredited certificate for those who pass the exam.


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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