Date:  5-9th February 2023
Location: Dubai



Dr. Hussain Rabia, SPE Distinguished Lecturer

Course Duration:

One week -  5-9th February 2023 - Dubai

Who Should Attend:

Drilling managers and drilling supervisors and drilling engineers. All engineers, geologists and  geophysicists involved in HPHT well operations. Some  field experinece is  beneficial for this course.

Objectives: (This  course is also suitable for  the Advanced Well Control)

To explore the challenges of drilling and evaluating HPHT wells. Engineers will learn about well planning processes, the drilling and geological challenges presented by HPHT wells and explore pore pressure detection processes, rock fracture pressure and ECD requirements and well control procedures. Advanced casing design methods will be presented. Drilling practices and well control equipment and well control methods will be explained. Engineers will be asked to carry out an HPHT well design using real data.

Course Content:

 • HPHT definition
• Well Planning Processes
• Formation pressure evaluation: Origin of HPHT abnormal pressures
• Pressure Transition Zones: A critical design factor
• FIT consideration & rock properties
• Casing seat selection: using predictive methods and refinement using real time drilling data
• Kick tolerance for HPHT wells with temperature and Z correction
• Drilling kick tolerance graph
• Drilling window/ECD
• Condensate reservoirs
• Gas behavior
• Gas solubility
• HPHT casing design principles
• Sour gas and sweet gas considerations: H2S;CO2
• Special casing grades
• Casing wear considerations
• Trapped annulus pressure
• Drilling practices of HPHT wells 
• Effects of P/T on mud properties
• Effects of gel strength
• Ballooning,flow back and breathing concepts and interpretation
• Swab and surge pressure profiles
• ECD variation with depth
• Barite sag
• Tripping procedures
• Gas handling, capacities and procedures
• Mud gas separator limits for HPHT wells
• Well Control Equipment
• Which well control method for HPHT: Bullheading, or Drillers method.
• Cementing consideration
• Hydrates

Complete HPHT Well Design Exercise
• A laptop is required with Ms Excel loaded.

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