Date: TBA
Location: London


Dr Saad Saleh, H. Rabia

Course Duration:

One week


This course is designed to explain problems related to borehole stability using modern Rock Mechanics techniques. The course is suitable for both drilling and petroleum engineers


To provide a thorough understanding of wellbore stresses, principles of rock mechanics and wellbore stability. To be able to calculate safe mud weights. Use well logs to determine essential rock properties. 


  • Rock behaviour and measurement of rock properties
  • Basic stresses and strains
  • Stresses due to drilling a well
  • Stress transformations for horizontal and multi-lateral wells
  • Mohr envelope
  • Failure criteria
  • Triaxial rock testing
  • Borehole rupture mechanics
  • Hole collapse mechanisms
  • Safe mud weights envelope
  • Earth stress measurements
  • Stuck pipe problems
  • Designing a perfect well with the earth stresses
  • Effects of reservoir compaction
  • Production effects
  • Sand production