Date:  TBA
Location:  Baghdad +964 773 485 5848
 Erbil  TBA


H. Rabia, S.Saleh 

Course Duration:

one week

Who Should Attend:

For Drilling Supervisors, Rig Formen, Toolpushers, Drilling Engineers, Drillers ,Drilling Managers and Service Companies Objectives:

To reduce hole problems, learn about mechanisms leading to hole problems, interpret jarring envelopes, calculate stuckpipe forces. Learn about fishing tools and their selection


  • Stuck Pipe & Hole Problems
    • Stuck Pipe Diagnosis 
    • Differential sticking mechanisms 
    • Freeing differentially stuck pipe 
    • Pipe freeing agents 
    • Reduction of mud hydrostatic pressure 
    • Dealing with kicks while freeing stuck pipe 
    • The U-tube method 
    • Mechanically stuck pipe mechanisms 
    • Shale problems ( brittle , reactive and hard shales) 
    • Settled cuttings 
    • Ledges and doglegs 
    • Key seating 
    • Fractured formations 

Decision trees :

Which pipe sticking mechanism is in my hole? 



Jars: working principles, jarring envelope 

Stuck Pipe Forces: Calculations 

Back off operations 

Filed examples 

Lost circulation

  • Fishing Operations
    • Casing strength and tool strength specification 
    • Milling tools and assembly 
    • Hole cleaning and swarf removal 
    • Window milling 
    • Milling junk 
    • Standard fishing tools 
    • Fishing operations 
    • Fishing economics 
    • Explosive charges 
    • Torque calculations

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