Date:  TBA
Location:  TBA


EPL instructors

Course Duration:

One week or two weeks depending on demand

Who Should Attend:

Drilling engineers and all drilling personnel


To provide a thorough understanding of functions of mud, mud types, mud testing and mud problems.


  1. Mud Functions
  2. Mud Formulation
  3. Clay Chemistry
  4. Polymers & Additives
  5. Mud Testing
  6. Water-Based Mud
  7. Oil-Based Mud (Non Aqueous Fluids)
  8. Reservoir Drilling (Drill-In Fluids)
  9. Completion Fluids
  10. Mud Contamination
  11. Mud Calculations
  12. Solids Control
  13. Mud Rheology
  14. Hole Problems
    • Loss Circulation
    • Stuck Pipe
    • Shale Instability
  15. Rig  Hydraulics : Theory and  Calculations
  16. Hands on Practicals:  Mud  formulation and  testing exercises (only available for long courses) 
  17.  HSE
    • Safe Handling of Chemicals
    • Drilling Waste Management

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