Date: TBA
Location: London



Dr.  Ali Qubian,  H. Rabia  and others

Course Duration:

One week

Who Should Attend:

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  • Introduction
  • Subsurface Pressures
  • Why understanding pressures is so important
  • Fundamentals of normally pressured, overpressured and underpressured formations
  • Overpressures and how to detect them
  • Overpressures due to hydrocarbons
  • Reservoir Drive mechanisms (primary and secondary recovery)
  • Logging whilst drilling (LWD)
  • Reservoir Rock Properties
  • Porosity
  • Permeability (absolute, Kv, Kh, problems of averaging,)
  • Capillary Pressure
  • Effective and relative permeability
  • Mobility ratio & the concept of immiscible displacement
  • Well Testing
  • RFT & MDT - mechanics, theory, application and interpretation in exploration and development
  • DST - mechanics, theory, application and interpretation (introduction)
  • DST – productivity testing, introduction to transient flow testing, flow regime concept
  • Quantitative radial flow analysis for reservoir properties, skin
  • Quantitative radial flow analysis for reservoir properties, skin (continued)
  • Recognising reservoir boundaries and depletion, well testing quiz
  • Reservoir Fluid properties
  • Sampling of reservoir fluids
  • Petroleum types and properties
  • Fluid behaviour in the reservoir (bubble point, dew point, etc) and its implications for field development
  • Concepts in field appraisal and development
  • Overview of objectives in appraisal and development programs
  • One phase and two phase expansion, gravity drainage, water drive, rock compressibility
  • Concept of depletion
  • Pressure support mechanisms (water injection, gas reinjection etc)
  • Recovery factors
  • Factors that control them and ways to estimate them (analytical techniques, reservoir simulation)
  • Overview of displacement theory, effect of reservoir heterogeneity
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Artificial Lift & Reservoir Stimulation
  • Types of reservoir stimulation


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