Date: TBA
Location: London



Gerrit van Wilpe and , H. Rabia

Course Duration:

one week


At end of course, participants will be: able to identify candidates wells for horizontal drilling, design horizontal and multilateral well profiles, Understand single and double build curveCalculate torque and drag, Understand kick off methods, Compile a drilling and completion programme, Estimate wellbore stability mud weights


  • Geology and reservoir considerations
  • How to select and screen horizontal wells
  • Target Considerations : Dimensions, Azimuth , target area, markers
  • Effects of dip angle on final hole angle and hole TVD
  • Profile design and well path calculations : Example from Oman
  • Drill string design: Torque, drag, buckling calculations
  • Mud systems
  • Kick off techniques
  • Drillbits and coring
  • Rock Mechanics and Wellbore stability : Actual Example from North Sea
  • Hole Cleaning
  • New drilling Methods: ERD, UBD , CT , Intelligent MWD systems
  • Logging and perforating horizontal wells
  • Completion methods: zonal isolation, multilateral considerations
  • Formation damage and cleaning
  • Workover considerations
  • A Complete Well Design
  • Exercise and presentation

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