Date: TBA
Location: London





This course deals with scope for enhancing oil and gas recovery and discusses various EOR techniques (Gas, Chemical, Thermal and others). The course will provide participants with the fundamentals EOR techniques; chemical, thermal, gas injection and others such as microbial EOR and low salinity flooding. The course will be in the morning.

Course Content:

  • EOR  Process

    • Scope for EOR oil and gas
    • EOR techniques
    • Physics determining amount of residual oil, impact of wettability
    • Screening
    • Exercise


  • Gas Injection

    • Various Gas injection
    • Exercise
    • Water Alternating Gas injection, WAG
    • Exercise
    • CO2 injection
    • WACO2 (Water Alternating CO2)
    • CO2 sequestration
    • Exercise


  • Chemical flooding

    • General mechanisms
    • Alkaline flooding
    • Exercise
    • Surfactant flooding
    • Polymer flooding
    • ASP flooding
    • Selection criteria
    • Exercise
    • Chemical screening and imbibition testing
    • Forecasting and economics
    • Exercise


  • Various Thermal Methods

    • Hot water injection
    • Steam injection
    • In-situ combustion


  • Thermal EOR

    • Fractured reservoirs
    • Technology for EOR heavy oil
    • Selection criteria
    • Forecasting and economics
    • Exercise


  • Other EOR Methods

    • Low salinity flooding
    • Microbial EOR


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