Date: TBA
Location: London


Dr S Saleh, Gerrit van Wilpe, H. Rabia


To provide a solid ground in drillstring selection and design and diagnosis of failures. To provide engineer with solid grounding in well hydraulics.

Course Content:

  • Drillstring and BHA
  • Functions of drill pipe, drillcollars, grades of drill pipe and strength properties
  • thread types
  • tool joints
  • calculations of approximate weight of drill pipe and tool joint
  • drill collar weight and neutral point
  • bending strength ratio
  • margin of over-pull
  • drill string design methods: API method
  • slip crushing
  • pressure-area method
  • stuck point calculations for drill string weight, jar placement
  • drill string design for directional and horizontal wells
  • DST considerations, torque and drag calculations
  • types of subs
  • jars
  • shock subs
  • reamers and stabilizers
  • drillstring washouts and fatigue mechanisms: field examples
  • drill string failure identification, inspection methods, etc.
  • Fluid flow in wellbores
  • Laminar and turbulent flow
  • Bingham Plastic and Power Law calculations
  • Hydraulics calculations
  • ECD calculation
  • Pumps and liner selection
  • Hole cleaning


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