Date: TBA
Location: London



Gerrit van Wilpe and , H. Rabia

Course Duration:

5 Days


London , Abu Dhabi


To learn how to design various directional wells including horizontal and multilateral well, carry out trajectory calculations and collision analysis. Learn how to determine kick off points and determine build and drop off rates. Understand the principles and selection of modern wellbore survey tools. Learn how to use reservoir dip to determine exact landing angle.


  • Co-ordinate Systems. Declination And Convergence
  • Reasons For Drilling Directional Wells.
  • Factors Affecting Hole Deviation Including Formation And Drillstring Factors.
  • Bottomhole assemblies. Placement of stabilisers.
  • Survey Reference Points, Calculations And Wellpath Plotting
  • Surveying Tools And Accuracy
  • Types Of Directional Wells.
  • Kick Off Points, Build Up And Drop Off Rates
  • Exercises
  • Trajectory calculations : Radius of Curvature, Minimum Curvature and other methods
  • MWD And LWD
  • Directional Drilling Techniques: Wellpath Design Calculations, Course Corrections, Tools
  • Designing horizontal wells: kick off points, tangent and landing sections
  • Long-, Medium-, & Short-Radius Wells; Extended Reach Wells, S-Bend Wells. Etc
  • Multi lateral designs. Joints integrity.
  • Complete Well Planning Exercises
  • Cluster Wells
  • Collision Analysis
  • Survey Errors

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