Date: TBA
Location: London


Chris Hun

Course Duration:

One week

Learning Outcome:

To be able to plan, engineer and trouble shoot cement jobs.


Understand cement hydration. Understand and select cementing equipment. Carry out cementing calculations. Design and trouble shoot cementing problems. Design cement plugs.


  1. Cement Functions
  2. Cement Manufacturing & Chemistry
  3. Cementing Additives
  4. Lab Testing
  5. Cementing and Casing Hardware
  6. Primary Cementing
    • Inner String Cementing
    • Casing Cementing – Single Stage
    • Casing Cementing – Double Stage
    • Liner Cementing
  7. Remedial Cementing
    • Top-Up Job
    • Cement Plug
    • Squeeze Cementing
  8. Cement Placement & Quality
  9. Gas Migration
  10. Cementing Calculations
  11. Preparing a Cement Program
  12. HSE


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