Date: 13-17th January 2020
Location: Erbil
London: TBA


Dr. H. Rabia, S. Saleh, Owen Jenkins

Course Duration:

one week


This is the most intensive course in our portfolio and is intended for those who want to learn , succeed and be the best.

This course has been attended by every major oil company in the North Sea and many oil and service companies from around the world. The repeat running of this course and the many excellent reviews indicate that this course is one of the best technical courses available in the petroleum industry.


This course is suitable for Drilling Engineers, Drilling Supervisors, Toolpushers, Petroleum Engineers, Asset Team Members and Project Management Members wishing to understand the engineering details involved in the planning and drilling of oil and gas wells.

The participant should have a basic understanding of the oil industry and should have a University or equivalent education.

Learning Outcome:

The participant will be able to assemble well data from various sources, understand their relevance, produce a well design fit for purpose including casing seat selection ( Frac/pore pressure), casing weights and grades, hydraulics, drillbits, BHA designs, drilling fluids and cementing. The participant will also be able to produce a basic well costing (AFE).


  • Geological Prognosis: The Incoming Contract, Lithology
  • Collection and interpretation of engineering data
  • Offset wells, pore pressure and fracture gradient curves
  • Production of well design basis
  • Well design criteria: Casing setting depths, casing strings, safety factors, well loadings, shallow gas considerations and conductor selection.
  • Casing Design Principles: Burst, collapse, tension, buckling and kick tolerance
  • Rig Hydraulics, ECD
  • Hole Problems: Stuck pipe, salt problems, lost circulation, drillstring vibration
  • Drillstring design
  • Methods of selecting BHA's for each hole section, tooljoints, special pipes
  • Directional Drilling and well surveying: Surface and subsurface targets
  • Directional Programme, Survey programme, Anti-collision considerations Bottom hole Assemblies and Drillstring selection
  • Drilling Fluid Selection for each hole section
  • Drilling programme for each hole section: Putting the above design for each hole section, presentation of information
  • Well suspension and Abandonment: Guidelines for suspending and abandoning different types of wells, open and cased holes
  • Time and cost estimates for AFE preparation, P10, P50 and P90 estimates
  • Drilling Project Management: Conventional, Integrated Drilling services and Integrated Project Management

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