Well Engineering                 
Basic Petroleum Geology
  • Basic petroleum geology
  • Rock types
  • Sedimentary rocks
  • Leak off tests
  • Casing seat selection
Casing Design
  • Steel properties and API casing strength,
  • Casing seat selection
  • Casing design criteria
  • Collapse design
  • Burst design
  • Tension design
  • Miscellaneous casing loadings and safety factors
  • Casing design methods for: Exploration, Development, Horizontal and HPHT wells
  • Kick Tolerance, Kick profiles,
  • Triaxial Stress Ellipse
  • Sour gas consideration
  • Complete well design starting on first day and completed at end of course.
Drillstring Design
  • Drillstring and BHA
  • Drill pipe, drillcollars, grades of drill pipe and strength properties 
  • Thread types 
  • Tool joints 
  • Calculations of approximate weight of drill pipe and tool joint
  • Drill collar weight and neutral point 
  • Bending strength ratio 
  • Margin of over-pull 
  • Slip crushing 
  • Pressure-area method 
  • Jars 
  • Shock subs 
  • Reamers and stabilizers 
Drillbits & Hydraulics
  • Drillbits: types & selection.
  • Tricone bits: design and selection procedures
  • PDC bits: design and selection procedures
  • IADC drillbit classification
  • IADC Dull grading
  • Fluid flow in wellbores
  • Bingham Plastic and Power Law calculations
  • Hydraulics calculations
  • ECD calculation
  • Hole cleaning
Directional Drilling, Horizontal & ML Wells
  • Declination And Convergence
  • UTM & Grid coordinates
  • Surface and subsurface targets
  • Bottomhole assemblies. Placement of stabilisers.
  • Survey Reference Points
  • Calculations And Wellpath Plotting
  • Surveying Tools And Accuracy
Drilling Operations
  • Well planning
  • Drilling operations : WOB and RPM, drill off tests
  • Drill bit selection optimisation
  • Hydraulics optimisation
  • Casing landing




A free book for everyone who joins our well control and well intervention training.
For IWCF and IADC well control, wireline and coiled tubing operations.
Free Books to Participants
HPHT Training-Aramco-2019  
Well Control Simulator Training at EPL-Baghdad Centre  
 StuckPipe & Drillstring Design Course  StuckPipe & Drillstring Design Course
 Accelerated Training Program-Aramco -(There is some fun too)  Gara Mountain-KSA
 Gara Mountain showing thickness of comparable Limestone reservoirs (C)  Directional Drilling Course-Wintershall
 Accelerated Training Program-Aramco  Accelerated Training Program-Aramco
 Accelerated Training Program-Aramco  Accelerated Training Program-Aramco
 Accelerated Training Program-Aramco-(Rig Practicals)  ATP1-2008
 ATP1-2008  ATP1-2008
 Drilling and workover training program  D & WO graduates 1st class from intensive program
Accelerated Training Program: 2006-2007(Aramco)  StuckPipe & Drillstring Design Course

IWCF courses

EPL has signed contracts with Iraqi Drilling Company to run IWCF courses in Basrah 

Rafid Group

EPL with its Rafid Group agent in Saudi supplies drilling mentors to Saudi Aramco 

Repsol Bolivia and Spain

Design and trouble shooting of critical liners to increase gas production- March-July 2009 



  • Training of Rig Foremen and Drilling Engineers: since 2001 to date
  • Supply of drilling personnel for mentors and office work 

British Petroleum 

  • Advice on Iraqi Projects
  • Provision of personnel
  • Training 

 BG International

  • Well Abandonment
  • Drilling supervision
  • Trouble shooting on wellsites
  • Equipment recommendation
  • Manuals 

Weatherford- Iraq

  • IWCF Well Training 

Iraqi Drilling Company, Iraq 

  • Well Intervention 

Senergy, Aberdeen

  • Training 

Tullow Oil 

  • Training 


  • Training 

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation 

  • Training 




  • Training  

ADMA ( Abu Dhabi) 

  • Training 

Baker Hughes Inteq 

  • Training 


  • Training

Schlumberger (NXT) 

  • Preparation of manuals
  • Training of IPM engineers


  • Consultancy on well design

Sagadrill (Japan) 

  • Training


  • Training

BJ Services 

  • Training

Agip ( Libya) 

  • Training

ECL, Henley-on-Thames UK 

  • Field development consultancy
  • Training
  • General consultancy


  • Training


  • Training 


ADCO (Abu Dhabi) 

  • Training


  • Training

Dowell Schlumberger 

  • Cementing engineers training


  • Training


  • Training


  • Consultancy
  • Training

Arthur D Little 

  • Management Consultancy

Anadarko (Algeria) 

  • Training

Maersk Contractors 

  • Drilling consultancy
  • Training

Edison (Italy) 

  • Training

Japan Vietnam Petroleum Company 

  • Training

Zueitina Oil Company, Libya 

  • Training


  • Drilling Personnel
  • Training

Every EPL consultant has a minimum of 20 years’ experience in the oil industry. 

We have over 50 consultants. We normally send CVs before contracts are exchanged.

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