Entrac Petroleum was established in 1996 and was incorporated in 2002 as a consulting and training company.

To date, Entrac Petroleum has conducted business in every oil producing country in the world and done work for most oil and service companies around the world.








EPL Expertise:

  • Supply of drilling and petroleum software
  • Setting up Real Time Operations Centres
  • Supply of mud engineers
  • Supply of drilling engineers
  • Provision of drilling and petroleum engineering consultancy
  • Offset well analysis
  • Provision of drilling and petroleum engineering consultants
  • Well design programme preparation
  • Bids analysis
  • Design of complex wells: including HPHT wells, high H2S wells, wells requiring duplex or Incoloy steel, horizontal and multilateral wells
  • Technical evaluation of problem wells
  • Casing collapse problems
  • Buckling problems
  • Wellhead growth
  • Trapped annulus pressure
  • Casing wear problems and repair of casing
  • Hole instability problems
  • Hole instability in horizontal and multilateral wells
  • Reservoir drilling and drilling compatibility problems
  • Well completion trouble shooting
  • Technical writing of drilling standards
  • Well  verification & certification
  • Training in all aspects of the  oil industry